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Plasma Skin Tightening & Rejuvenation

Nothing compares.

Microderm Abrasion also     

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Plasma Pro

Medical Professional Care

You can trust a Dermatology Nurse to only stand behind the safest , and least invasive of effective skin procedures available.  

Results in 1 Treatment

Lasers take at least 4-5 treatments at least a month apart, fillers and other injectables fade in months. That adds up to a lot of pain and money. You will see improvement in one treatment. Some people may want a second treatment for more dramatic results.  Unlike other treatments; this stimulates your own skin to rejuvenate rather than a temporary imitation. It's as if the clock was turned back on your skin.

The Safe Alternative to Surgery

 Surgery is expensive, time consuming and there are a lot of risks involved.  The time needed away from work and other duties are a big factor too. Plasma skin tightening costs less, has very little down time, and is safer. It will be a mystery to those around you as to how you suddenly look so good.

What is Plasma Skin Tightening?


The Latest Technology

We are DermaPro Canada certified as well as being medical professionals. Plasma skin tightening was developed in Europe and new to North America. Our plasma pens are top quality and engineered in Germany. It is the top and best aesthetic procedure in Europe now. Plasma pens use the science of plasma similar to that in plasma tvs together with your natural healing processes to pull skin cells together. Skin is instantly tightened, and continues to with final results in 8 weeks. 


The Science of Rejuvenation

  Plasma is also the name of the extracellular matrix, or liquid part, of our blood. It transports red (oxygen) and white (immunity) blood cells, as well as collagen and many other nutrients to our skin. Fibroblasting, or plasma skin tightening, stimulates rapid cell turn over while it takes out excess skin cells. Your plasma brings these fountain of youth components to the area treated as well as waste (excess skin cells that were fibroblasted) out of your body via excretory organs. 


Our Commitment to You

 Plasma Pro Nurses have highly skilled backgrounds in healthcare and believe your skin is as important as any other bodily organ.

 We also know that wonderful emotional and psychosocial benefits come from making yourself look your best. This too is part of your wellbeing.

 We care; and because of our medical backgrounds we deliver non-judgemental and professional aesthetics, in addition to superior skin care.

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Lip Lifts


No Need for Painful, Expensive Surgery

Lip Lift surgery, as shown in this photo, are the new trend and similar to lip implants; it involves surgery. Not only is surgery expensive and painful; it exposes you to risk or infections, scarring and complications.


Juicy Lips in 1 Treatment

No need for expensive regular fillers, painful needles or the initial "duck lips" swelling. 

Plasma Skin Tightening works to lift, flipping the upper lip up and outward and lower lip out and downward. Your cupids bow will be accentuated and edges defined.


Natural & Rejuvenating

No worrying about what is in your body, side effects, etc. This treatment will at the same time treat and rejuvenate the areas around your lips. Above the upper lip lines or creases will also be eliminated, and this reduces and sometimes eliminates hair.

Microderm Abrasion

The best non-invasive skin maintenance. Recommended from fall through spring for healthy and glowing skin. It exfoliates to even skin tone, smooth skin,  prevents fine lines and prevents dead skin from building up. This also rids stubborn acne. Includes cleansing, toning, serum treatment & moisturiser.

1 Treatment  $80       Series of 3  $200        Series of 5  $350


Free consultations and discounts available for other treatment combinations


Is there down time?

 There is swelling typically on day 2 -3. Some swell day 1 and then that's it.  Fibroblasting creates tiny carbon crusts on the surface of the skin in the area treated. These fall off in 4-10 days. Some people do not mind going about their daily lives with them, others  do not. Up to you!

Does it have side effects or risks?

 The medical professional doing your consultation will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this. Most people are. The only risk for most people is scarring from picking or scratching the carbon crusts. Don't rub them!

Does it hurt?

 Some areas will be more sensitive than others but we use top of the line medical grade topical freezing prior to any procedure. The treatment itself is very fast and feels like a tiny zap, and the area will feel like a mild sunburn for 2 days. We will instruct you about aftercare to help that and give you take home products for that.

What is the aftercare?

 We are extremely clear and careful in making sure you get and understand the aftercare, including written reminders. 

 No picking, no rubbing, no scratching! We will give you an aftercare package with the gentle soap, topical plasma healing gel, and everything else you will need to baby that area until the carbon crusts come off.

Meet the nurse behind Plasma Pro Nurse Inc.

"Plasma Skin Tightening, or Fibroblasting, is revolutionary. The youthful results in 1 treatment that doesn't involve putting fillers and medications in your skin, that wear off in just months, is what sets this apart from so many things. I am so passionate about this it is the very reason I went into Dermatology", Telena, Dermnurse.

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